Parking Lot Cleaning



Let Us Clean and Maintain Your Parking Lot!

Parking lots can attract a host of debris – everything from discarded gum to cigarettes, oil drips from vehicles and stains from spilled coffee and food. When your parking lot doesn’t look well maintained, your business doesn’t look well maintained either.

A commercial power washing company like Power Wash Maui can solve all of your parking lot maintenance issues. From small parking lots near retail spaces and under dumpsters to the largest parking garages and mall lots, the teams at Power Wash Maui will quickly and efficiently handle all of your parking lot cleaning and restoration needs.

Our team takes advantage of both truck-mounted pressure washing equipment to deal with large areas and small, hand-wheeled units that can get into the corners to ensure the best results. During our service, we use soft brushes and biodegradable cleaners to clean your parking lot thoroughly. Our use of environmentally friendly cleaners will not only protect your landscaping investment, but will impress customers who value corporate responsibility. You’ll love the results and how a clean parking lot improves the overall look of your business, hotel, office building, gas station, restaurant or medical facility.

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